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Do you like soft acoustic music?

The listed tracks are sample tracks taken from the forthcoming album titled 'SILHOUETTE', written and performed by musician Jeff Cross. This particular album was written specifically to cater for those people who like to enjoy non intrusive music. It's the style of music you love to hear in the background.

It's been described as "the music you want to hear, but not want to hear".


Rock Tracks Available from Vaportrail Music Performed by Jeff Cross:-

  1. Life Is A Game | [Listen to Live] | Buy Now |

  2. Time Is A Test | [Listen to Live] | Buy Now |

  3. Just A Soldier  | [Listen to Live] | Buy Now |

Silhouette album tracks are as follows:-

  1. THE DOVE | [Listen Live]
  2. Mesmerized | [Listen Live]
  3. FAREWELL | [Listen Live]
  4. Room With A View | [Listen Live]
  5. Solitude | [Listen Live]
  6. The Time Has Come | [Listen Live]
  7. Better Days | [Listen Live]
  8. Ray Of Hope | [Listen Live]
  9. ASCENDING STEPS | [Listen Live]
  10. Night Watchman | [Listen Live]
  11. Hop To It | [Listen Live]
  12. PAST MEMORIES | [Listen to Live]

All audio format downloads are MP3

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